Conifers - Coniferea

Conifers give shape and colour to the garden throughout the year! The conifer is the framework of the garden - but can also be used as a solitary tree, hedging and in some cases even ideal as ground cover. All the shades between green and blue can be found in a conifer. With their evergreen needles and striking seed cones, conifers in autumn give an additional decorative value to the garden. For the smaller garden too, there are suitable conifers and spruces available. Check out our collection and give your garden a green look throughout the year – in winter too!

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Conifers - Coniferea

Types of conifer
Conifers are available in many shapes, sizes and colours. A few examples are, the conifer Chamaecyparis (False Cypress) ‘Columnaris’ which has beautiful blue-green ‘needles’ and can reach a height of up to 3 metres. The Colorado Spruce will not reach more than about a metre and with its dark green ‘needles’ and red cones is quite a spectacular sight in any garden. Many conifers can be pruned into shape (topiary) - balls, squares or pillars. Some conifers can even be planted as ground cover. Conifers make quite the statement in any garden and they also look pretty stylish.
Planting and pruning conifers
For information of planting and pruning conifers, please see our gardening advices pages online.