Romance, desire, passion – all symbolic of carnations/pinks. Carnations were used centuries ago already to depict the deepest love – and actually is still used today in places. Carnations originated in coastal climes on the Mediterranean. Historically speaking, the Romans used wreaths of carnations to crown themselves with and they also used the flowers to make scent. has lots of the best-known varieties of (hanging) carnation available and there is also the really wonderful ‘Dancing Geisha’ available – so special! Order all the most lovely carnations from, now!



Hanging Carnations/Pinks
Hanging carnations really should be on every patio, balcony or fencing. Carnations are so colourful and cheerful, and their scent is lovely in a garden, on a patio or decking. Hanging pinks become full of red and pink flowers – there’s hardly anything more lovely! Hanging carnations just look so terrifically colourful and festive. All the shades available are equally fabulous and it’s hard to imagine a more colourful window box than one full of carnations.

Carnation ‘Dancing Geisha’

The ‘Dancing Geisha’ carnation is a really different flower with very striking fringed petals and in really distinctive shades. Great in any garden or on any patio or decking that wants a different look. Very strong, this carnation is very weather resistant and an asset to any garden.

For more tips on planting and caring for carnations, check our gardening advice pages online.

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