Alliums are available in many varieties. Alliums or ornamental onions enjoy a nice, sunny spot but will also thrive in partial shade. Due to their unique, showy flower heads and colourings they complement other perennials around them - or indeed create a wonderful contrast! The striking flowers of Alliums are really eye-catching in any garden. Order them now and you can enjoy the summer with these lovely flowers!

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Allium varieties

There are more than a hundred varieties of allium. has a selection of the most popular and interesting looking varieties of allium. There are various flower shapes, flower colours and growth heights to choose from. The taller alliums look just fabulous standing alone, while the lower growing varieties look great grouped with other plants in the flower beds. The tall ones make a perfect cut flower and are a wonderful addition to a particularly striking bouquet. They also dry well for using in a dried flower arrangement.

Planting Allium bulbs

Of course there are countless, creative ways of planting your alliums and other flowering bulbs. One is to plant them scattered between your perennials! This creates a really natural and cheerful look. Choose the varieties that will naturalise for an even more spectacular effect.

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