Grow  your own herb garden on your balcony

Grow your own herb garden on your balcony

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Cooking with your own, home-grown herbs - you can’t beat it! You don’t have to have an allotment or vegetable patch for home-grown herbs.

A great solution is a tower of herbs. An herb tower can let you grow a number of diverse herbs piled up in a tower and it doesn’t take up a lot of room.’s herb tower consists of three loose containers that sit at angles one on top of the other. They can hold as many as 9 different herbs for you to grow. You will receive 9 handy seed pads with your tower – basil, thyme, dill, chives, oregano, mint, parsley, savory and wild rocket. Seed pads are really easy to use because the seeds are already perfectly scattered over the pad. This means the plants will grow properly distanced in their container and grow to nice full plants. All this makes growing your very own herbs really very easy!

Filling your herb tower is very easy:

  1. Lay the 3 handy tower parts next to each other and fill them almost full with potting compost.
  2. Then, place a seed pad on the top of each container and cover each one with some potting compost. Press it all gently in and sprinkle with water.
  3. Now the pots can be towered up. There are handy lugs on the base of each part to keep them sitting nice and strong.
  4. The whole tower is best stood on the saucer supplied. This will catch any run-off. Herbs like warmth so give them a nice sheltered, sunny spot.
  5. Water regularly and you will soon see the first shoots appear!

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