The rooftop patio

The rooftop patio

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Are you one of the lucky ones with a beautiful rooftop patio? Then you can enjoy being outside in the spring and summer. A rooftop patio is a great place to, for instance, relax, have a barbecue or have a drink with friends. To make it extra cosy, of course, you can decorate your rooftop patio with greenery. Or how about a vegetable garden on the patio? Then you could use the products that you grow for barbecuing. Here are a number of tips for the perfect rooftop patio.

Make your rooftop patio look bigger

Usually the space on a rooftop patio is limited, but you want to enjoy this space to the fullest. You can make your terrace look bigger with the right design. First of all, have a few large objects instead of many small ones. A lounge sofa or a compact patio table with chairs and two or four larger flower pots will make the rooftop patio appear larger. Have nice, spacious pots with good drainage. Take the heat and wind into account when filling the pots. A south-facing terrace gets a lot of sun making it better for sun-loving plants such as the olive tree or lavender. Do you have a north-facing terrace? Then go for plants that prefer shade, such as the green Hedera or the colourful camellia and hydrangea. Place the plants with as much shelter as possible and give them a generous drink of water every day in the summer.

A mini garden on the rooftop patio

Is there space for a raised border? Then a mini garden on the rooftop patio is absolutely great! You can fill these borders with all kinds of colourful, low-growing plants and flowers. Of course, flower bulbs are ideal for these borders. Again, pay close attention to the amount of sun the bulbs receive. Flower bulbs generally need a lot of sun to grow and bloom properly. There are also bulbs that do well in the shade. For example, grape hyacinths and some hyacinths can also be placed on a north-facing terrace. Complete the border with some greenery for the perfect picture. Ornamental grass is a nice addition, for example. The tranquillity of the grasses have a wonderful effect on the colourful flowers. Find out for yourself by rolling up your sleeves!

Grow your own vegetables for the barbecue

Home-grown fruit, vegetables and herbs from your own garden. It doesn't get any better than that! Delicious barbecues with your favourite vegetables and herbs, with fresh fruit for dessert. As a starter, take a tour around Italy. Your own home-grown tomatoes with fresh basil. First sow the tomatoes indoors for between March and May. In May or June, you can put the tomato plants in pots on the terrace. Give the plants some support with a stick. For a main course the menu offers a nice piece of meat, seasoned with mint and a rocket salad with peppers. Of course, the peppers are also home-grown. So you have a colourful and cheerful vegetable garden box, or collection of vegetable pots. Grow the herbs and rocket with Bakker's Bag to Nature. All you have to do is spread the seeds over the soil and add water. You will see the result within a week. For dessert, serve delicious fruit from your fruit trees and plants. What is your favourite fruit? Bakker has it all: from citrus fruits to strawberries and from blackberries to apples. Grow it all yourself!

Do you want to green-up your rooftop patio? Then check out Bakker's wide range of the perfect plants for your rooftop patio.

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