The Bohemian Border

The Bohemian Border

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A cheerful garden border wherein anything is possible – now wouldn’t that be great? Get that cheerful look in your garden with the 'Bohemian' garden border. All the plants in the Bohemian garden border are colourful and adventurous and if you plant these easy to maintain perennials intermingling through each other, the border will look natural and carefree. Just so Bohemian don’t you think? Sit back in your lounger on the patio and enjoy!

Exuberant and free flowering colours

The exuberant mix of colours in the Bohemian garden border is sure to be noticed. Flowers in a pale pink, reddish-purple and violet look just wonderful planted together. Make it even more nonchalant in your garden by mixing this Bohemian border with some orange flowers such as the Dahlia, Ornithogalum or globeflowers (Trollius). All the perennials in this border make good cut flowers. You can make a wonderful bouquet - pick your own flowers from this border and make yourself a colourful bouquet.

Pick all the prettiest flowers for a spectacular bouquet!

A creative mix of flowers

Any flower bed or garden border is fascinating due to the variations in colour but of course also by the different shapes of flowers and foliage. The Bohemian garden border was selected to have the thick spikes of lupins next to the fine stems of sage, the globe-shaped flowers of the thistles, the large flowers of iris and the full spears of common mullein. There are the small flowers of the columbine, geranium and lady’s mantle to complete the lovely picture. The Bohemian border has been put together to make a spectacular display of colour from any angle.

Colour, colour and yet more colour

The various plants in the Bohemian garden border are all long flowering plants. From May until deep into the summer, these plants flower with the most colourful blooms. The ready-made Bohemian border contains strong and hardy perennials that will shoot up from the roots again the following spring. The common mullein is the only biannual. If you want the border to flower even earlier next year, plant flower bulbs in between all your perennials in the autumn. Try some daffodils and tulips for colour in the garden flowering from March onwards for early colour. The border illustrated is planted up with pale blue, wild hyacinth (Camassia). This bulb flowers April-May.

Sun, water and pruning

This fantastic mix of colourful, long flowering perennials deserves to be planted up in a nice sunny border or in a large planter. Give them all a sunny spot with good soil, water them all generously when the weather is dry and your plants are sure to thrive and flower. Cut the sage lightly back after the first flowers and your sage will flower for a second time later in the summer. If you snip out overblown lupins stems, this will encourage more flower stems to grow. Apart from that, this jovial Bohemian border is very undemanding.

You will find the following plants in this border:
Iris germanica 'Jane Philips', Aquilegia vulgaris, Lupinus 'The Pages', Verbascum 'Raspberry Ripple', Cirsium rivulare 'Atropurpureum', Alchemilla mollis, Geranium sylvaticum 'Mayflower', Salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna', Camassia leichtlinii.

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