Protecting roses organically

Protecting roses organically

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Roses can be protected from aphids by planting lavender, sage (salvia), thyme or pyrethrum among them. Onions and chives also protect roses from aphids, while also intensifying a plant's fragrance. Good for the roses and good for the environment! This blog will tell you about all the options.  


Lavender is an easy-care plant that remains pretty all year round. The plant has grey-green leaves and pretty purple flowers. The plant can grow up to 50 cm tall. Lavender can be combined beautifully with white roses. An additional advantage is that lavender keeps aphids away. 


Sage is a herb with many possible uses. It can be used for cooking with, but also has medicinal applications. The flowers are coloured purple. Sage leaves grow in pairs and are grey-green in colour. If you're planning to plant roses, it's easy to plant sage among them. You won't find any aphids on your beautiful roses.  


Thyme has a wonderful fragrance! The plant will grow to be approximately 30 cm tall Thyme is great for drying in summer because it has a woody stem and small leaves. If you'd like to plant roses, we advise that you also plant some thyme among them to keep aphids away. Thyme and roses also make a great combination. 


Pyrethrum is cultivated mainly for its striking flowers, which are similar to daisies. The pyrethrum usually has white petals with a yellow centre. It's another plant that combines well with roses to keep aphids away.  


It's not difficult to create beautiful combinations in your garden using ornamental onions (alliums). Alliums combine with roses to give your garden a romantic vibe. When onions are planted beside roses, they also serve another purpose. Onions emit a fragrance that repels aphids. That's good for your roses! 


You can also keep aphids away by planting a herb such as chives beside the roses. Chives are related to onions, leeks and garlic. The plant flowers in June and July. The flowers are coloured lilac. 

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