Plenty of greenery outside with turf grass and a lawn

Plenty of greenery outside with turf grass and a lawn

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A lawn creates a sea of green in the garden. Of course, you want your lawn to look neat and tidy. When it gets warmer outside, you can sunbathe on your own lawn and your children have space to play. Creating your own lawn is not difficult and will bring you great joy It is such a nice feeling to feel new grass under your feet and smell the scent of fresh grass. See all the options for your lawn.

The function of your lawn

Before you start laying a lawn, it is useful to know what function the future lawn will fulfil. If the lawn has an ornamental function as a visually calming element between your borders and if you will not be walking on it every day, you can opt for special, fine ornamental grass. If the lawn will be used daily as a play area in the summer season, or if you have seating on the grass, choose a seed mixture that is composed of sod-forming grass types with a tight structure. This provides a sturdy grass turf for playing on. Read about both types of lawn to get inspired.

Ornamental lawn

An ornamental lawn is like a great work of art, you want to be able to enjoy it at any time of the day. You can completely relax when you sit in the garden, enjoying all the colours. Choose fine ornamental grass, which looks sleek and green. It is high quality, but also requires a lot of care in the form of aerating and pest control. Mix the ornamental grass with flowering ground cover to complete the work of art. A colourful example of this kind of ground cover is creeping thyme (Thymus polytrichus). This creeping plant only grows to about an inch high and stays green all year round. Once the plants form a whole, you can walk over your 'thyme lawn': and a wonderful fragrance is released. In addition, creeping thyme has beautiful white or pink flowers during the summer months. These give your lawn a very special colourful look. A thyme lawn requires hardly any maintenance. So, it's perfect!

Play lawn

The word play lawn says it all, you want to use this turf grass a lot and so, it has to be able to take a beating. For this you opt for a grass seed or turf grass that is made for walking on and is therefore stronger. Bakker's new grass rolls are also perfect for creating a tight play lawn. These rolls have already been sown with grass seed and just need to be rolled out in the garden. Of course, don't forget to give the grass seed enough water. Without even a drop of sweat on your forehead, you will have a green and strong lawn in the garden. Play a game of football on your self-laid turf grass or put up your sun chair and relax with a good book. In any case, you will not have to worry about your lawn.

Ground cover as a play lawn

Most people think of a lawn as grass. It is less well-known that there are also other planting options. A grass lawn can look beautiful, but it also requires a lot of maintenance to keep it beautiful. If you'd like to try something different, consider other ground covers. Mosses, for example, are becoming increasingly popular due to the soft and springy structure. Great to walk on with bare feet in the summer and also almost indestructible. What more could you ask for?! Combine a moss carpet with bamboo, azaleas, a solitary Japanese maple and here and there a nice, large boulder for a beautiful Oriental garden. Pure Zen.

A neat finish for your lawn

A lawn does not only consist of the middle surface. Everything surrounding it contributes to the overall picture. A beautiful transition area and creative combinations complete the look of your lawn while at the same time, completing the garden. Of course, you can shape the transition from your lawn to your borders with all kinds of materials. But natural vegetation gives your garden much more character!

Ground cover is clearly more than just 'rugs' for your borders. Just take a look at Bakker's ground cover selection! And for some spectacular accents 'on the sidelines', Bakker's beautiful ornamental grasses are highly recommended!

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