The latest trend for indoors and outdoors: pastel-coloured plants

The latest trend for indoors and outdoors: pastel-coloured plants

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The latest trend for 2021: pastel-coloured plants. These plants do well both indoors and outdoors. The soft colours radiate cheerfulness without being shrill. There are so many possibilities: from blooming perennials with pastel flowers in white pots, to indoor plants with pastel colours in their leaves. Be inspired by some indoor and outdoor examples.

Bright pastel flowers for every outdoor space

Pastel colours outside make the sun shine even brighter. You can incorporate them into anything: your garden furniture, your flower pots and even... your plants! Whether you have a garden, patio, balcony or roof deck, we have the plants for the pastel trend. Flower bulbs are a must in a pastel garden. Plant the whole border full of gladioli in all sorts of colours. The soft colours of the flowers will give your garden a gentle and relaxing character. It's a great place to chill out after a busy day. Pastel begonias also look fantastic on a table or in a balcony planter. You can combine the mellow base colours of begonia blooms with bright details. Do you want special flower bulbs to put in decorative white flower pots? Then choose our wonderful Lilium 'Levi' lily. This pink and white flower bulb blooms all summer long.

An easy way to add some extra colour is by planting ground cover plants amongst your lawn or in between your patio tiles. Think of the blue Bellflowers or the pink Phlox. These flowering ground covers are so strong that you can walk on them. It is almost like walking on clouds. These plants will take you to seventh heaven, literally and figuratively.

On a patio, roof terrace and balcony, wooden, stone and marble pots can be combined with some exceptionally tasteful garden plants in the form of roses and hydrangeas. The pink and blue pastel colours of hydrangeas provide that real summer feeling. These classics cannot be missed in the garden, on the terrace or balcony. The nice thing is that by using the right nutrients and soil type, you can select their colour yourself. Would you rather have blue or pink? Roses add a little more spice to your patio or balcony. The flower of love takes on a gorgeous colour during summer sunsets. Plant hydrangeas and roses in pots so that they can be placed in a central position. Will you choose a white flower pot to accentuate the flowers or will you go for even more pastel tints with our ceramic pots?

A year-round summer party in the house

With pastel-coloured flowers and plants, you are also bringing some sunshine indoors. These plants put a smile on everyone's face. Indoor plants with leaf markings and coloured leaves are little works of art in the house. The pink Caladium and the pink/green Syngonium lend the house a pastel ambiance. Of course, pastel-coloured flowers are a must. Take the Fragipani, for instance. It is the perfect combination of green leaves with small pink flowers that bring a bit of subtle colour to a quieter interior. Is your preference for an Asian style? Then we recommend adding an orchid, the king of pastels, to every room in the house. Orchids come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Enthusiastic about having a pastel-accented living room? Then take a look at our extensive range of indoor plants.

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