Ornamental grasses set the tone of your garden

Ornamental grasses set the tone of your garden

Garden plants | 04 April 2021

The garden is a place to relax and enjoy your free time, and plants can be used to create a mood. What kind of ambience are you looking for in your in your garden? Will you opt for sleek, modern greenery, lots of flowers and colour, or more wild-growing plants? Ornamental grasses can really set the tone and planting specific grasses can transform your garden into a themed environment.

Exotic garden

The feeling of warmth on your face, with a cocktail in hand as you take in the Pacific Ocean — this is the sort of feeling that exotic ornamental grasses evoke. These New Zealand flax plants make you feel like you are on holiday in your own garden. The plants come in three different colours to create cool contrasts in your garden. Their elongated leaves make the flax look a bit like a dune plant. Create the feeling of being only a short walk away from the beach and your daily, refreshing dip.

Tip: Would you like to be able to take a refreshing dip in the summer? Then consider having a swimming pond in your garden. They are perfect for the summer and are easy to maintain with the right plants.

Japanese garden

Do you like the oriental look with its soothing elements? Then the Japanese garden package is just right for you! Japanese blood grass gives the effect of a setting sun — you'll always have sunshine after the rain with its dark red hues. Black mondo grass provides a very hip contrast. Together with Miscanthus, it tames the redness of Japanese blood grass. Combine these ornamental grasses with a red Japanese Acer and a few bamboo plants and you'll feel just like you're in a Japanese garden. Allow yourself to relax completely with a yoga session among the plants.

Prairie garden

Are you looking for a garden in which you can feel totally free? Then the Prairie package is for you! These ornamental grasses come straight from the natural environment and lend a wild and carefree feeling to the garden. It doesn't matter whether these plants grow a bit taller or broader; that just accentuates the prairie effect even more. The Zegge Carex remains close to the ground and will fit well between the bulbs in your garden. In summer, this plant grows brown bulbs between its leaves. It evokes a real prairie feeling when combined with the colours of the flower bulbs. The Pennisetum and Miscanthus 'Adagio' also produce highly ornamental plumes when they reach full height. Great for planting between flowering perennials like lavender. The grass plumes go perfectly with the purple colour of the lavender flowers. The garden's wild effect will make you feel like you're in the wilderness in your own garden.

Ornamental garden

Looking for something a little slicker and more modern? Then check out Bakker's range of ornamental grasses. These ornamental grasses are like small works of art.

  • Take Miscanthus 'Gracillimus' for example: the plant has blue-green leaves that grow down in an arc. This creates compact bulbs that look very elegant in the garden. In the autumn, the plant gets pink plumes. These are ideal for cutting off and using in a beautiful, dried bouquet.
  • The Miscanthus 'Ferner Osten' grows a little taller and is therefore perfect against a fence. Its grey-green leaves and red-brown plumes will soften the look of any fence.
  • Finally, the Miscanthus 'Strictus' is one plant that really deserves its place in the sun. This masterpiece has fantastic green and yellow striped leaves, making it truly eye-catching. In a central spot in the garden, this plant will attract the attention of every guest. You could even be forgiven for thinking you've wandered into a plant show.

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