Organic plants and flower bulbs

Organic plants and flower bulbs

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Are you always looking for ways to give nature a helping hand? Then organically grown plants and flowers will be perfect for you. What are the advantages of these organic plants and flower bulbs? How can you recognise them? Read all about it here.

What are organically grown plants and flower bulbs?

Doesn't green always mean grown organically? Plants are always good for nature, aren't they? However, there is a distinction in how they are grown. Pesticides and fertilisers should not be used when growing organic plants. Instead of using those agents, pests and diseases are controlled with organic fertilisers and insects. Weeding is done by hand or with special machines so that the plants are not damaged. In this way, the soil remains clean from chemical agents, which is better for the soil and biodiversity.

How can you recognise organically grown plants and bulbs?

In Europe, the word 'organic' is protected by law. This means that not every grower or supplier is allowed say that their plants or bulbs are organically grown. In every country, independent organisations are responsible for the certification of organic products. All growers who want their products to be certified as organic must fulfil the strict requirements of these organisations. In addition, retailers and webshops must also apply for certification to trade organic products. If this certification is given, the grower or retailer may use the European quality mark for organic products. You can find this above. has recently been registered with SKAL as an organic webshop. SKAL is responsible for 'organic certification' in the Netherlands. In our product range you will find organic flower bulbs, organic fruit and herbs, organic garden plants and organic house plants. Make sure you look out for the European certification label.

Organically grown fruit and herbs

Organic herbs and fruit are not only very tasty; they are also healthy for you. This is because you do not ingest any pesticides when you eat these herbs and fruit. Also, more nutrients remain in the herbs and fruits, because no pesticides are used in growing these plants. A disadvantage of organic cultivation is that it takes a little longer. However, the taste does develop better. Try it for yourself! Take a quick look at our organic fruit shrubs, fruit trees and herbs.

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