More green for every type of balcony

More green for every type of balcony

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Greenery is often associated with homes or gardens, but greenery can be added anywhere. Even on the tiniest balcony! Plants transform your balcony from a boring viewpoint to an oasis of serenity. Sometimes it can be difficult to put a plant on a smaller balcony. But Bakker has come up with some creative ways to make your balcony green. The team at Bakker has come up with some great tips for every size of balcony.

Add atmosphere to your small, urban balcony: 1-m² balcony

A green note is possible, even on the smallest urban balcony. But there still has to be space on your balcony to stand or sit. So it's important when you have a balcony of one square metre or smaller to play with the space. First of all, you can put a lot on the balcony edge, naturally. Bakker's balcony planters are perfect for the smallest balconies. You really can plant lovely flowers on your balcony. Bellflowers are super to plant in balcony planters. This plant produces a profusion of blue and white flowers. Your balcony will be transformed into a cheerful riot of flowers in a snap. You can plant lovely flower bulbs in the other planters. You can choose new types of flower bulbs every season. Plant tulips or daffodils in autumn, for example, to have a spring full of fresh colours. For summer, plant more exotic varieties like dahlia or lilies.

Besides all the bright colours, your balcony could use some relaxing green. Go high. For example, you can hang some nice, hanging pots with Chilean Jasmine on the roof of the balcony. You can screw a plant rack onto the wall. This rack gives you even more possibilities to hang plants in. Use smaller plants in light pots. Consider herb plants like basil or chives, for example.

More green for a step up in size: 2.5–3 m²

A larger balcony is a reason for more green. Naturally you can fall back on the tips for a small balcony when you have a balcony that is 2.5 m², but more plants makes it even cosier. To reserve some space for furniture, the Bakker team have some creative solutions for more green that takes up little space.

Hanging shelves or a plant hanger gives you more space for potted plants. You could consider lavender in a pot or a colourful Rhododendron. Be careful that they don't get too big and heavy. One rising trend is to put a small glass greenhouse containing plants on your balcony. You can grow small, indoor plants like succulents, cacti or ferns in it. Great to look at while you relax on your balcony.

At this size, you can also consider a little table with a chair on your balcony. A table should never be empty. For example, put a pot with flower bulbs on the table or a small, potted plant. A small fruit tree or olive tree on your table will transport you to a Mediterranean atmosphere.

A larger balcony as a green place of serenity: 5 m²

You can put a lot more on a balcony of five square metres. The Bakker team recommends considering a few nice potted plants. These plant-pot combinations can set the tone for your balcony. Do you want a romantic atmosphere full of flowers? A full-flowering hydrangea gives you a feeling of happiness, for example. A romantic, potted rose is also enchanting. Perfect for when you sit out on the balcony on a warm summer evening. For a more tropical atmosphere, consider potted bamboo or an olive tree. Citrus trees are also brilliant on a balcony. You can pick your own mandarins or make lemonade from your own lemons in summer. A miniature vegetable garden is also a great idea for a balcony. It makes a perfect addition to the fruit trees. Make a small vegetable garden or use a few flower pots to plant the most delicious fruit and vegetables. You can grow your own tomatoes, strawberries, snacking sweet peppers and all kinds of other yummy snacks in your mini veggie garden. Keep the amount of sun the crops need in mind. Putting sun-loving plants on a balcony with a lot of shade isn't a good idea.

An urban garden on your big balcony: 10 m²

If your balcony is 10 square metres or more, you almost have a (roof) patio. This balcony patio is transformed into an urban garden. Because there is so much space, choose some mini borders at the edges of the balcony. Planting bamboo or ornamental grass can create a natural partition between your neighbours. It also creates an Asian atmosphere for a completely zen vibe. Beautiful for a relaxed, summer day. For more colour on your balcony, choose flowering perennials in your mini border. Consider planting charming Echinacea or a full peony. Would you like lovely flowers while also protecting your plants from pests? Then Agapanthus (African lily) is perfect.

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