Lay your own lawn

Lay your own lawn

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Give a little green back to nature. Banish the tiles and bring back a beautiful, green lawn. And of course you can lay luscious turf grass yourself. Lovely to get some soil under your fingernails and a satisfied feeling when you see the end result. Bakker is here to help you to lay the perfect lawn in your garden.

Prepare your garden for the new lawn

When you're laying your lawn, you can choose to sow seeds or lay down sod. No matter which planting method you choose, proper preparation is crucial. Firstly, the soil must be clear of all plants, stumps and roots. Any stones or other hard elements can also be removed from the soil. Then it's important to loosen the soil well. Secondly, spread a new layer of lawn soil on the loosened soil. This will give your grass enough food for healthy growth. Finally, make sure that the ground is level. This will ultimately produce a nice, neat lawn.

What lawn will you choose?

Once preparations are finished, planting or laying your lawn is the next step. When seeding the lawn, it's key to use the right grass seed. Again, think about the lawn's function and the amount of sunlight it gets. Do you want your lawn just for ornamentation? Or would you like a miniature football pitch in your garden? Those choices are key when choosing the plants in your lawn and laying the lawn. With an ornamental lawn you will have finer grass than, for example, a lawn that you will often walk on. You can also mix lawn seed for a beautiful and strong lawn. Looking for more inspiration for your lawn? Then read the article "Plenty of green outside with turf grass and a lawn".

Grass seed

The best time to seed your lawn is around April or May. You can scatter the grass seed by hand. Do read the packaging carefully first to see how much seed is needed per square metre to grow a beautiful lawn. Going over the seed carefully with a roller prevents the seed from blowing away and speeds up germination.

Tip: Leave the grass seed in the light and don't cover it with soil. Grass seed germinates in light.

After two weeks or so, the grass seed will have rooted and will start growing. It will still take a few months before a full lawn is achieved.

At, you'll find a special grass seed mix for a complete lawn. You can use it to seed your lawn or to repair it. The grass seed is mixed with fertilisers to encourage the grass to grow more quickly, to have a high tolerance to drought and so weeds don't appear as readily.

Grass sods

A quicker but more expensive option is to lay sod. It comes as ready-to-use rolls or strips of grass. After preparing the garden, lay the sod sections close against each other so the seams are staggered. Once the sod sections are laid out, it is important to roll them so that they are firmly connected to each other and to the ground. Fill any remaining holes with soil and water thoroughly. It is best not to walk on the grass for a few weeks to allow it to develop healthily. After that, you can enjoy your new lawn however you want!

Grass rolls

Do you think sowing grass takes too long and sod is too expensive? Then there is now a fantastic alternative. Bakker's grass rolls are rolls of soil that have the seeds already been sown into them. You can easily install the rolls in your own garden. All you have to do is water well and wait until the grass starts to grow. Within a few weeks you will see the grass growing and you can start mowing the lawn.

Lawn care

Whatever form of lawn layout you choose after planting, it is always important to keep watering it enough. If the lawn does not get enough rainwater, always take care to give it some extra water. Furthermore, it is quite possible that your lawn will suffer from weeds and pests. To get rid of the weeds and give the roots of the grass enough air, it is best to aerate the lawn a few times a year. To get rid of pests, sprinkle or spray with biological problem solvers. These agents will not damage the soil or the good organisms. And of course, make sure that the grass does not become overgrown. Then it's time to mow the grass. You'll find everything you need to lay and maintain your lawn in Bakker's lawn maintenance range. Would you like more information about maintaining or restoring your lawn? Then read the article "Maintenance tips for a beautiful lawn"

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