Is your garden ready for an Indian summer?

Is your garden ready for an Indian summer?

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The summer is almost over and slowly but surely we are getting ready for autumn again. This is the time when we always start to hope for an 'Indian summer': a late summer period where you can still go outside without a coat and warm temperatures sometimes last to as late as October. But where does the term 'Indian summer' actually come from?

What is an Indian summer?

The term 'Indian summer' originally comes from North America. Here, if the weather is still warm and dry in the months of October and November they call it an Indian summer.

At this time, in certain parts of North America, you will find forests and valleys filled with maples with glorious red and orange foliage. For example the Tupelo and the beautiful sweet gum turn a warm orange or red. You won't find these oases of red and orange in Europe, but even here bright summer colours make way for warm autumn tones.

Indian summer in your garden

Our blog reveals the best plants and trees to bring the Indian summer to your garden so that you can enjoy it to the fullest extent. There is something for everyone — you can even create an Indian summer paradise on your patio or balcony!

1. The Japanese maple Acer 'Sangokaku'

The Japanese maple creates an immediate Indian summer atmosphere in your garden. The beautiful red branches on this maple instantly bring colour to your garden, even in winter. It really does help to set the mood. This Maple is small and is therefore suitable for smaller gardens. It even looks great in a pot on your patio or balcony.

2. Japanese maple Acer 'Wilson's Pink Dwarf'

Another stunning Japanese maple! The 'Wilson's Pink Dwarf' forms a densely branched, upright-growing shrub. Pink in the spring, with green, feathered leaves in the summer and a majestic orange-red in the autumn. This maple is also easy to plant in your garden or to place in a pot in an atmospheric spot on the patio or balcony.

3. Firethorn Pyracantha 'Soleil d'Or'

This firethorn Pyracantha 'Soleil d'Or' is a charming shrub with colourful yellow berries. Ideal for cheering up your garden in autumn as a hedge or a climbing plant. Have a patio or balcony? This shrub also grows well in a large pot. As an amazing bonus, lots of birds flock to this plant to eat its berries in winter.

4. Firethorn 'Red Column'

A beautiful firethorn with fragrant berries. In the autumn, the flowers turn into vibrant red berries. This firethorn is very versatile: the plant can be used as a hedge, a climbing plant or a pot plant. This firethorn will help you bring the Indian summer directly to your garden.

5. Trumpet flower Campsis 'Indian Summer'

We're crazy about the trumpet flower with its narrow, oval-shaped flowers. It doesn't get more cheerful than this! Immediately create a cosy atmosphere in your garden or on your patio or balcony with the orange flowers on this Indian summer trumpet flower. The flowers also attract lots of butterflies and bees!

6 Photinia Photinia 'Red Robin'

Don't miss out on this beauty! The Photinia 'Red Robin' is a very popular evergreen shrub and is secretly our favourite due to the amazing, bright red leaves that appear on it in the autumn. And... the more you prune, the redder the colour becomes!

So there you have it: our favourite Indian summer plants! Create a mix of your favourites and start off the late summer with the right ambience! Add a brazier, some cosy lights and a blanket to complete your Indian summer.

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