How can you enhance the atmosphere of your patio?

How can you enhance the atmosphere of your patio?

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A patio or roof deck often has a lot of tiles, making it more difficult to add plants. If you have a small patio, you have to use the space you have creatively. Adding several large flower pots or small borders will make your patio seem larger. Get inspiration with these great options for creating a charming patio.

A cosy, cheerful patio

Opt for a lot of flowers in flower pots to really immerse yourself in a summery atmosphere. Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind are colourful flower bulbs! Any flower bulb can be planted in a flower pot to make your garden feel welcoming. Choose lovely, spherical Dahlias or tall Gladiolas. Combine the bulbs you like the best, but keep their flowering period in mind. Always plant the bulbs that bloom the latest in the bottom of the pot and the early bloomers at the very top. That's the easy way to create your own flower bulb lasagne. Are you having a hard time choosing between Bakker's cheerful bulbs? Do you want flower bulbs that bloom as long as possible on your patio? Then Bakker's six-month flower package is ideal for endless enjoyment of flowers.

Don't want to have to plant new plants in your flower pots every year? Then winter-hardy perennials like the hydrangea or common pink are great choices. The cute hydrangea 'Annabelle' has charming, white flowers all summer long and can remain outdoors all year. The common pink lets you enjoy even more colours. The pink flowers and leaf-green leaves provide a brilliantly fresh colour combination for your patio.

Tropical patio

Would you prefer a tropical journey with a lot more green? Then these tips are for you. Start with a green enclosure. Make your patio even cosier by placing high garden plants around the edges. The colour of pampas grass looks fantastic against grey tiles or wooden tints. Non-invasive bamboo fargesia also looks really great along the edge of a patio. It provides a lovely background note for a relaxed atmosphere and works well as shelter. A tropical theme simply must include palms. Bakker's potted palms have been created specially for the patio. So give them a prominent place on your patio for even more of a jungle vibe. These green garden plants are enough to create a really beautiful patio, but naturally a truly tropical jungle has a lot more plants. Choose garden furniture with borders and planters in them to work even more greenery into the interior area of the patio. Not only will the combination of furniture and planters create more space for plants, it pulls everything together. Put shrubs or other low-growing plants in these planters. Consider a greyish green Eucalyptus or a bromelia to add even more colour.

The team at Bakker recommend a patio pond to complete your urban jungle patio. The water of the pond creates a cooling effect in the summer. Add a gorgeous water lily to the patio pond for a dash of colour in the tropical garden. It looks like a ray of sunshine in the green garden.

Fruity patio

Would you like to grow fruit and vegetables on your patio? Opt for a patio vegetable garden. You can design this vegetable garden in various creative ways. Bakker's fruit trees and shrubs are nice and easy in a pot. Making lemonade with lemons harvested from your own lemons? How refreshing is that? Or how about making jam with delicious raspberries from your own raspberry bush? These bushes often produce a tasty harvest as early as their first year.

For a more extensive vegetable garden, get to work filling a garden planter. This planter requires just a few square metres, but produces an explosion of colour with all sorts of different fruit and vegetables. Plant your favourite types in the vegetable garden spaces. After a few months of watering and easy care, you can enjoy a fantastic harvest. In the meantime, you can immerse yourself in vegetable gardening as a new hobby. Once you have harvested all the fruits and vegetables, you can fill the vegetable garden spaces with plants again. Enjoyment all year round!

Tip: Do you have a small patio that you'd like to organise more efficiently? Opt for a diagonal vegetable garden against the fence. Not only does this vegetable garden take up less space, it makes your patio appear much bigger.

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