Eucalyptus: the multifunctional plant and miracle cure

Eucalyptus: the multifunctional plant and miracle cure

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The eucalyptus is a chic plant for both indoors and outdoors. You'll find this plant more often in the bathroom than the living room, and it is famous for its wonderful fragrance and healing properties. Would you like to know everything about the eucalyptus, from its origins to its styling? Then read more here.

Did you know that the koala's favourite food is eucalyptus?

The eucalyptus is a green deciduous tree native to Australia, where it can grow up to 60 metres tall. There are more than 600 different species of eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is now also common in South Africa, Brazil and eastern Indonesia. You might even come across it in places around the Mediterranean. Eucalyptus is derived from the Greek 'eu' (beautiful) and 'kalyptos' (hat). The "hat" refers to its flowers, which are shaped like a hat.

Eucalyptus in the home

The eucalyptus is primarily an outdoor plant, but it can survive in a cool indoor location just as well. Eucalyptus branches are particularly popular in the home because they are so easy to style. Place a few sprigs in a tall vase on the dining room table, for example, to instantly create a wonderful atmosphere. Placing a eucalyptus sprig on the plate, next to a menu or combining it with a knife and fork also looks amazing. The branches of the eucalyptus are also suitable for drying. After a while you will see the green colour change to a blue-grey hue. Take a bunch of the branches and hang them on the wall or ceiling.

Eucalyptus in the bathroom

The eucalyptus really comes into its own in the bathroom. Place small vases with eucalyptus sprigs on the sink or soak a few leaves in a bowl of warm water to create a wonderful fragrance in the bathroom. Or, better yet, tie a few twigs together and hang this bunch of eucalyptus branches on the shower control knob. As the shower runs, the essential oils of the eucalyptus are released and you can enjoy some aromatherapy in your home.

The eucalyptus outdoors

The eucalyptus also does well when placed outside, Whether in the garden, or in a pot on the patio or balcony, the eucalyptus can thrive anywhere. The eucalyptus is hardy, but you should place it in a sheltered spot because it does not like the wind at all. The eucalyptus is also a useful plant to have in the garden or on the balcony. The scent of its leaves deters many insects: Flies, mosquitoes and ants stay well away from this plant. Place the eucalyptus in moist soil and water it regularly for the first few months after planting and it will grow rapidly. Keep it small by trimming the top off the young tree.

The medical side of the eucalyptus

As you will no doubt know, the eucalyptus can be used as a natural remedy for colds. For example, you can use it in a steam diffuser. Eucalyptus allows the lungs to absorb more oxygen; it opens them up and cleanses them at the same time. Eucalyptus also acts as an expectorant, which is why it is often found in oils that you can rub on your chest.

But there is more! Eucalyptus also stimulates the psyche, makes you more alert and its refreshing scent can give you a real boost. At the same time, it is a natural de-stresser. It's the ideal all-rounder. As if all that was not enough, the Eucalyptus can also help against fungi and eczema. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the eucalyptus can also help with joint and muscle pain, and fever.

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