Combine Roses with Clematis

Combine Roses with Clematis

Garden plants | 05 March 2021

Some species of climbing roses flower rapidly. With some species roses, the clematis can provide colour for the rest of the summer. The clematis looks beautiful twining through a climbing rose and there are many to choose from, so you can select roses and clematis that complement each other both in colour and inflorescence.

Climbing roses

Climbing roses can be used in various ways in the garden. They are valuable assets to any garden. Ideal for covering garden walls or fences and look beautiful over an arbour. You will see the first flowers of the climbing rose appear in June and continue until the first frosts. Clematis and roses planted together make perfect companions, such an exciting combination. To achieve this it is best to plant the climbing rose during the previous year.


There are few climbers that flower quite as abundantly and vigorously as the clematis. There are many different types, so lots of possibilities for a perfect combination. Clematis grows best in the sun with its roots in the shade against a wall or fence in humus-rich soil. They do need some climbing support, trellis or tension wire can be used. Clematis need hardly any pruning and should only be thinned out to allow light and good circulation and when the stems become tangled.


  • Rose ‘Schneewitchen' with clematis ‘Josephine'
  • Rose ‘Macha' with clematis ‘Avant Garde'
  • Rose ‘Golden Showers' with clematis ‘Multi Blue'
  • Rose ‘Jamie' with clematis ‘Miss Bateman'

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