Basic tips to lay out an attractive front garden

Basic tips to lay out an attractive front garden

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It’s often the back garden that is considered the showpiece but don’t forget to keep your front garden looking good too. However big or small, the front garden provides the first impression of your home. Here, we give a number of handy, basic tips for designing your very own, attractive front garden.

Tip No. 1: Introduction to

Unify the garden and try to make it reflect the style of your house as well as the street you reside. This helps to make things peaceful and harmonious.

Tip No. 2: The role of the front garden

A front garden can mean many things. One can be a lovely spot for sitting in the sun, the other lends itself more to parking the car or storing the wheelie bin(s). There’s a fitting design for every front garden, you just need to think what you want to use it for before you tackle a new design for it.

Tip No. 3: Combining garden plants with paving

If you don’t have any flowers or plants in your garden at all, it can look bare and boring. Too many plants and it can look rather messy. If you want an attractive front garden that doesn’t require too much work, a mix of paving and garden planting can be the perfect combination.

Tip No. 4: Check out the neighbours

Of course it can look fantastic if your garden and your neighbour’s garden complement each other. We don’t mean they have to look exactly the same but bringing colours and shapes together in your garden can help ‘match’ them somewhat and this in turn makes things resemble one large(r) garden instead of two small ones.

Tip No. 5: Which materials to use

So… after these first tips you perhaps have a few ideas for your new design? Now we have to think about the materials to use. It’s currently popular to have half the garden paved in some way; tiling or bricking, wooden pathways, planks for decking. Mixing it up gives a garden real atmosphere and character.

Tip No. 6: Colours

When thinking about colours for your front garden, keep the house itself in mind. A white house needs contrasting colours. A red brick house would look great with greys, whites and earthy shades. When choosing your plants and flowers, check the window frames too. If you want to achieve unity between house and garden, you could have the colour of the flowers match the frames. Choose flowers all the same shade, or if you want it particularly cheerful, mix them up!

Tip 7: Privacy

Plant height in a front garden is an important privacy consideration. If you want to be able to see out from the house (and vice versa), plant low-growing shrubs or trees with bare trunks in the front garden. If you want more privacy it is better to grow taller and fuller shrubs and trees too.

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