A maintenance friendly garden

A maintenance friendly garden

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Boring? Not at all!

If you enjoy a beautiful garden but have a lack of time to look after the garden? Then a low maintenance garden is ideal!

Maintenance-free or low maintenance?

Sadly, and getting straight to the point, a maintenance-free garden does not truly exist. That is because even a small garden will become a large forest over time. So, at Bakker.com, we prefer to use the term low-maintenance garden. For the low-maintenance garden we have put together some useful garden ideas that will make your garden look beautiful and attractive, without taking up a lot of your time.

Building the garden

Choose a garden design using ceramic or slabs of stone, laid with mortar, which will prevent the monthly removal of weeds. Garden paving slabs combined with gravel provide extra atmosphere in a garden design. Put lining under the gravel, so ants and weeds have no chance of setting up home! Make sure that rain water can drain away properly; it will reduce green deposits significantly! Use maintenance-free furniture. For example, aluminum and plastic furniture requires lot less maintenance than wooden furniture.

Low maintenance evergreen shrubs, trees and plants

Last but certainly not least, use low maintenance evergreen shrubs, trees and plants in the garden! For example, there are many evergreen trees, tall flowering shrubs and herb plants that can be used in your garden that need little or next to no maintenance. Stick to three or four species in large groups and plant them together to really save time. Evergreen plants and trees do not shred leaves in autumn this will save you from having to sweep! You can fully enjoy a beautiful natural garden with beautiful colours, without spending too much time gardening.

Oh, but maybe a little bit of gardening...

All that remains is to occasionally fertilise the garden, helping to create a colourful, full border without weeds. Cut off the faded flowers and water the plants on hot sunny days, providing water for ten minutes after a hard day at work. After that, sit yourself down with a glass of wine, and enjoy the whole evening...

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