Rocket Eruca sativa - Organic including Cultivation set - Herb seeds

Eruca sativa

Rocket Eruca sativa - Organic including Cultivation set - Herb seeds

Eruca sativa
Fresh salad all year round
Fresh rocket from your own garden. With this handy growing kit, you can grow your own rocket (Eruca sativa) all year round. To have the makings of a fresh salad near at hand. The herbs are also organically grown. The kitchen herbs mix comes with three chalk pots, chalk, soil and instructions. Super convenient! Spread the seeds in a thin layer on the screen and carefully rinse them under the tap. Fill the jar with water up to the bottom of the screen and put it in a dark space at room temperature (20–22°C).
Change the water every day. After 5–8 days, you can eat the sprouts (which will then be 2–5 cm). You can sow the seeds indoors all year round.
This mix contains:
  • 1x Glass pot >
  • 1x Stainless steel screen
  • 1x Bag of seeds 7.5 grams

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    Color: Green
    Edible: Yes
    Cutting flowers: No
    Grafted: No
    Green stayer: No
    Guarantee: 1 year growth and flowering guarantee
    Hardy plants: Yes
    Harvesting: May - October
    Latin name: Eruca sativa
    Leafs all year: No
    Preferred location: Sun, Half shadow
    Naturalizing: No
    Scented: Not Scented
    Self polinating: No


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