Bumblebee house

Bumblebee house

It is becoming more and more difficult for bumblebees to find suitable, natural nesting locations. This bumblebee nesting box is a perfect hiding and nesting place for these busy little creatures, who even fly out during bad weather to find food. The first compartment should serve as a waste space, where bumblebees can relieve themselves and set up fortifications to protect the primary nesting compartment on the right side of the box. The right (main) compartment is where the queens will spend their entire lives. The location of a bumblebee nesting box must be selected with great care. Place it on a brick. The bumblebee nesting box cannot be located in full sun. Ideally, the box will receive sunlight in the morning for warmth and spend the rest of the day in the shade. Place some nesting materials in the box, such as wool, feathers or straw, but ensure that the opening is left free and clear.
  • suitable for the tree bumblebee, early bumblebee and the garden bumblebee
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Bumblebee house

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