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Tulips in a vase: How to cut Tulips?

Cut Tulips

In order to enjoy cut tulips for as long as possible, here are some tips that have been gathered from various sources.

  • Cut the stems fairly short, as they continue to grow in the vase. Prick a hole in the stem just under the bud using a pin. If they still hang their heads, cut the stems even shorter and leave them overnight in the vase rolled up in newspaper.
  • In order to prevent the tulips from drooping, never put more than 1 1/2 to 2 cm of water in the vase (taking care that the water does not dry up completely). The tulips will then have to work hard to stay strong and will not droop.
  • To further prolong the vase life of the tulips, you could sort through your collection of old coins. If you have any French 20 centimes or 10 centimes coins, put these in the vase with the tulips. The tulips will stay fresh for longer and will not hang their heads!
  • Add four or five coins to a vase of tulips to keep them upright. Even if the tulips have already started to droop, if you add coins to the water they will stand up straight again.
  • To prevent tulips from growing too fast, prick the stem with a pin just under the bud immediately after purchase. This makes a huge difference to their appearance!
  • Some books on tulips claim that it is not a good idea to mix tulips and narcissi in the same vase. Cut narcissi emit ethylene gas and discharge a slimy substance that tulips do not like.
  • Tulips last longer in a vase if placed in a cool room. The stems should be cut diagonally, although most people already know this. Adding a drop of bleach to the water hinders the development of bacteria.