Pruning Siberian Pea Tree

Pruning Siberian Pea Tree

Caragana arborescens

The Siberian pea tree is a very hardy shrub/tree that grows almost anywhere, although it prefers very dry sandy soil. The maximum height of Caragana Arborescens is approximately six metres.

Pruning in winter

The Siberian pea tree does not grow very quickly and does not generally need pruning. The magnificent branches carry lots of flowers and are an asset in any garden. However, if you want to control its growth to some extent, the best time to prune is when the plant is still young. This encourages branching and makes the tree bushier. The best time to do this is winter.

Pruning in March

If the Caragana has become too big for your garden, it can be pruned back hard in March. Cut or saw the branches down to a height of about 50 cm. Do not cut lower than the place on the trunk where the tree starts to branch out.

Pruning between October and March

If you decide that your pea tree needs rejuvenation pruning, this can be done in winter between October and March. Do this over a period of at least three years. Cut or saw one third of the branches down to about 50 cm each year. Select branches from all over the plant and never prune only the outermost branches. The branches should preferably be cut down to an outward growing bud.