Pruning Japanese Quince

Pruning Japanese Quince

Chaenomeles Japonica

Japanese quince is a prickly shrub that is ideal for planting as a hedge or creating an espalier. After flowering, pear-shaped fruits appear on this magnificent shrub.

Pruning in March

Shrubs that have been allowed to grow wild can be cut back hard if necessary, but it is better to do this after flowering, as you will otherwise lose many of the flowers.

Pruning in April

Japanese quince can be pruned after it has flowered, in late April or early May. To ensure a fine display of flowers in years to come, rejuvenation pruning may be necessary. First examine the shape of the plant and then select approximately one third of the branches for removal. These should be divided evenly over the shrub, choosing branches from the heart of the shrub as well as outer branches. Repeat this process over the next two years to rejuvenate the entire shrub.

Pruning in May

Branches that have become too long can be shortened, and branches that cross other branches should be removed. If you want to prune the Japanese quince into shape or trim as a hedge, May is a good time to do this.