Exclusive palm trees

Exclusive palm trees

An indoor palm really symbolises the (sub-)tropics don’t you think? You really have something special in your home if you choose a palm tree. Just lovely on a plinth or somewhere prominent in your home. A palm makes a very popular gift for the new home owner too. Palms are decorative and are also known to purify the surrounding air. They’re great for forming a green divider in a room, and to add a touch of the tropics to your décor. A palm tree looks great on the patio or decking in the summer too.

Caring for palms

indoor palm trees
palm trees

A palm falls under ‘easy care’ – seriously, but each palm tree has its own demands as they all grow differently from each other, with varying leaf thicknesses and structures as well as entirely different origins. Do check for tips on your particular plant from our collection. A light shower of rain in spring and summer is great for freshening up your palm and helps prevent leaf tips and edges from going brown. Feed the palm monthly to keep it healthy and looking good. Generally speaking, a palm plant likes it fairly light, out of full sun. The exception to that rule is the Cycas that can easily stand outdoors in the summer, in full sun too, once you’ve acclimatised it.

Where did palms originate

Of course there are all types of palms available. They grow wild in the hot regions of Asia, Africa, America and Australia. A Livistona rotundifolia for instance, originated in Malaysia. The word ‘rotundifolia’ tells us that the palm’s leave are a round, hand-shape. A Rhapis is from China and South East Asia. The Caryota (recognisable by its ‘torn’ foliage) can be found from India to the Philippines.

Then you have the Cycas, which is actually not a palm but is classified under Cycadaceae, one of the oldest plant families. There were Cycas-like plants already millions of years ago during the Cretaceous and Jurassic periods – the era of the dinosaur. It is therefore considered to be a living fossil. It is said that Jesus’ path to the cross was paved with the leaves of this palm. A Cycas can grow very, very old, even up to 1,000 years old. It’s a very, very slow growing plant too.