Balcony Plant: The Hanging Begonia

The Hanging Begonia

Begonias are always very summery looking, with lovely flowers. They’re easily cared for too. This patio and decking plant of the year is synonymous with a summer’s long enjoyment of a veritable cascade of blooms. What’s that? Begonias are old-fashioned? Not at all! Their diversity in colours and shapes alike, means there is always a begonia you will love for on your patio, decking or garden table!

Caring for a hanging begonia

Plant your begonia in fertile potting compost for the best abundant and long flowering plant. This really abundantly flowering plant likes a nice light spot in part shade or moderate sun. A begonia will really thrive and flourish in nice warm weather. Don’t allow its soil to dry out – water the plant regularly. Being too wet for too long (too much watering, or too much rain even), is not what your begonia will like – it could even rot. Take care about that. Feed your begonia fortnightly with plant food for flowering plants. If you carefully dead-head on a regular basis, you will encourage new flower buds to grow.

We all know the Begonia as a houseplant, as leafy begonia, or bedding plants and begonia tubers. The variety of hanging begonia is less well-known. A begonia is a colourful, tropical, continually flowering plant from the rainforests of Asia, Africa and America – places where it is light and humid. Together with Hillebrandia, Begonia is classified under Begoniaceae. Begonia foliage is asymmetric and leaf colour varies from dark green or dark red, to pale green and rusty shades. There is a huge variety in flower shades. Most popular are the white, orange, yellow, red, (salmon) pink and even bicoloured blooms.
Caring for a hanging begonia

Begonias come in many different shapes and colours.