Allium ‘Silver Spring’

Allium ‘Silver Spring’

Allium ‘Silver Spring’ is new to our range. We are very proud of this new addition, as it has very unusual flowers in creamy white with deep pink hearts. Besides the exceptional colour scheme, this allium also has a delightfully sweet fragrance and flowers the size of tennis balls. Allium ‘Silver Spring’ reaches a height of approx. 80 cm.

Allium ‘Silver Spring' comes from a very large family. There are over 700 known allium varieties, and some sources even suggest the existence of up to 1250 different sorts. The allium is an ornamental onion that belongs to the same family and genus as the leek and garlic, which are members of the Liliaceae or lily family.

Most alliums flower in late spring and early summer. Allium ‘Silver Spring' is no exception. This plant prefers a sunny position in soil that is not too wet. The magnificent flowers are excellent for cutting.

On our website you will find magnificent allium varieties for the flower garden. In addition to these, as leek and garlic also belong to the allium family, we have numerous allium products that can be grown in the vegetable garden and used to prepare delicious meals.

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