Popular indoor plants

Indoor plants brighten up the whole house. Popular houseplants that are always the rage are bonsai trees, amaryllis and orchids. Carnivorous plants, tillandsias, palms for indoors and aquatic plants are also in increasing demand. Ferns on the other hand are back in. Whether you want flowering house plants or green house plants, these stunners will always be a radiant addition to the home. We also offer indoor plants with decorative pots, then we know for sure that the plant fits the pot so everything is ready for you to enjoy straight away.

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Popular indoor plants

Caring for houseplants

There are a few things to keep in mind to make sure houseplants achieve optimum growth and possible flowering. The amount of light and water that the plant gets is very important. In addition, good potting soil and the proper (amount) of food are essential.
We carefully select a place for our houseplant. In general, houseplants love light, but not bright light. See our website to find out the best place to put every plant. Also pay attention to the climate in the room where the plant will be. Most houseplants need a humid environment. It is not a good idea to keep a plant above a radiator. If air humidity is a bit low in your house, help out your houseplants by spraying them with water now and then.
Once we've chosen a nice place for our houseplant, it's time to put it in an attractive flower pot. Fill the pot with the right potting soil. We have potting soil specially for houseplants at Bakker.com. For some types of plants, like orchids, special soil is available. With the right potting soil, the plant can grow better and become stronger. In general, potting soil contains enough nutrition for 60 days. After that, we add plant food/fertiliser to strengthen the plant's development. We only do this in the period of growth and blooming, which lasts until about September. With the right house plant care, our houseplant has better immunity against disease and pests.
Otherwise, houseplants are easy to care for. Water the plant when the root ball feels dry to the touch. Do this about once a week. In the winter, this can be a bit less often and on hot summer days, a bit more often. To enhance plant growth, put the inner pot in a layer of water once in a while. Then the soil can absorb water well. After that, make sure the root ball has drained before returning it to the decorative pot. If excessive water is in the decorative pot and cannot drain away, the roots can rot and the plant can die.

Taking cuttings from houseplants

Spring is often the perfect time to take cuttings from houseplants. We can take cuttings from houseplants as soon as a small plant a few centimetres in size grows next to the "mother plant". These grow from the roots of the main plant. We cut off the offshoots to allow the cutting to live its own life. Follow these steps:
  1. Make sure all the soil in the pot is dry, so that you can easily remove the soil from the roots around the cutting.
  2. Find the starting point for the roots of the cutting, which are attached to the roots of the mother plant.
  3. Cut them with a sharp and clean knife.
  4. Does the cutting already have enough roots? Then plant it in fresh potting soil straight away and water it. No roots yet? Then place the cutting in a small glass of water for two weeks so that the roots can grow. After two weeks, plant the cutting in fresh potting soil.

Repotting indoor plants

Once every few years, the decorative pot for the houseplant may become too small for the roots to be able to grow larger. That's when it's time to repot the houseplant. Repot the plant in a decorative pot that is at least one size larger. Fill the new flower pot with hydro grains or pot shards so that water can drain properly. Then put the root ball of the houseplant into the new pot and fill the pot with fresh potting soil. Green houseplants can generally be repotted all year. It is best to repot flowering plants once they have bloomed.
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