Lawn maintenance

For a long-lasting, tidy and bright healthy lawn, regular mowing and verticutting is crucial. The grass also needs adequate nutrition. We use lawn fertiliser. A good grass trimmer makes it easy to trim and cut the edges of the lawn for nice, neat grass. From manual lawnmowers to electric lawnmowers or even robotic mowers, Bakker has something to make the job easier for every gardening enthusiast. Want to buy grass seed? Sowing grass seed is of course also part of lawn maintenance! Make mowing, verticutting and grass care as easy as possible by choosing the right gardening tools for lawn care, below!


Lawn maintenance

Lawn care

There are a few steps to lawn maintenance. Most of the steps can be done at the same time. So we can get our lawns back in shape after winter. After that, it is important to keep up with lawn care to avoid creating major tasks for ourselves in future.


After winter, there tends to be a lot of moss and other garden waste in the lawn. This creates an layer of insulation on the lawn, suffocating the roots of the grass. Verticutting ensures the roots get enough oxygen and have space to grow. We do this with a verticutting rake or machine. Position the verticutting rake with the points facing down in the grass. It is important not to put the points in the lawn too deeply so as not to damage the grasses' roots. Rake the moss and other garden waste into a pile. It is sufficient to do this once a year in the spring or autumn so the lawn can breathe.


Weeding, like verticutting, is a chore that often has to be repeated. Weeds often come up between the grass seed. When possible, we always try to weed as soon as they appear. This keeps the lawn nice and tidy all year long. Using a weed puller makes our task easier. Our range of garden tools includes all kind of implements to make working in the garden easier. Natural pesticides are another option for fighting weeds. We can also combat diseases and pests with natural pesticides. Check out our range of troubleshooters.


Watering is a must for a strong, green lawn. That is why we keep an eye on it, all year round. To keep the lawn healthy, we have to water more often during dry spells. In the summer, this could mean watering up to a few times a week. We make it easy for ourselves watering cans, garden sprinklers and sprayers or irrigation computers. These can all be found in our watering range. In really wet periods, we have to make sure the water can drain away. Puddles in the lawn have to be able to drain. If they can't drain, make holes in the lawn so the water can seep away.


After the winter, bare or dry spots may appear in your lawn. If the spots can't be fixed using other methods, it's time to seed the spots with new grass seed. You can always add some extra seed to thinner spots for an attractive, neat mat of grass. We spread grass seed on the bare spots. Read up on how much grass seed to sow per square metre. You can lightly roll over them to get seeds to germinate properly. Be sure not to do this too heavily and avoid the smaller bare spots so as not to damage the good parts of the lawn. Then water it generously. In a few weeks, you'll have a perfect mat of grass to enjoy!
Tip: to prevent bare patches as much as possible, never leave items standing in the same spot for too long.


Once the grass seed has had a few weeks to germinate and grow, we can start fertilising it. All plants need food to grow. We fertilise our grass with Garden plants
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