Elho Pure® pots bring the high life to your garden and interior. Your plants will be radiant in magnificent Elho Pure® pots! These designer pots and planters are made of a top-quality synthetic material and are therefore very durable. The lightweight, weather-resistant Elho Pure® series is hand-made according to ecological principles and makes a fine feature on the patio or decking or indoors. Elho Pure® pots and planters come with a five-year guarantee.

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Window boxes and plant pots for indoors and out

Elho flower pots and planters add joy and colour to any garden, on any patio/decking and the living room. Elho plastic flower pots and planters range from trendy and innovative to modern classics. There’s always a certain one that will appeal to you. Elho pots and planters are lightweight and strong. Combine our cheerful pots and planters with lovely plants and create the garden, patio or decking… and home… of your dreams.

The Elho collection

Elho’s Barcelona® range offers all the latest trends in stylish window-boxes. They are all top quality products that combine elegance with sturdiness. In the Brussels® range by Elho you will surely find the right pot for your house plant. These come in a wide selection of colourful pots. Fresh, modern and timeless. Elho’s Green Basic® range gives plastic a 2nd life – the series includes recycled plastic. Elho’s Loft Urban® pots look trendy, young and ‘urbane’ and add a modern touch to the garden patio or decking. And the stylish Elho Pure® flower pots and planters inspire the surprising combination of modern architecture and the sophistication of nature.