Pruning the Weigela (Weigelia)

Pruning the Weigela (Weigelia)

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Pruning in January - February

If your Weigela has become too large or too old, rejuvenation pruning is a good option. The best time to do this is January – February, although not in freezing weather.

Rejuvenation pruning completely renews the old shrub over a period of three to five years. This should be done methodically. Decide in advance which branches you want to remove in which year. Start pruning in the heart of the shrub, not on the outside. Select branches divided evenly over the entire shrub and cut these down to a height of about 30 - 40 cm, preferably to just above an outward facing eye.

If you decide to rejuvenate the Weigela in three years, you should remove about one third of the branches in the first year. In the second year, you then remove half the branches that were left the last time, and in the third year the remaining branches can be tackled. In the second year, too, you should in principle prune from the inside of the bush, leaving the outermost branches until the last year.

Pruning in June - July

If you wish, any branches that protrude too far can be cut back in June – July, directly after the Weigela has flowered. This is known as shaping or modelling.

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