Pruning the privet (Ligustrum)

Pruning the privet (Ligustrum)

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Privet is a shrub with an erect, vertical growing habit and a natural hedge shape, making it an ideal subject for planting as a hedge in the garden.

Privet can be trimmed as soon as it starts to grow in spring. This should preferably be repeated every six weeks during the growing season. In any case, privet should be trimmed before it loses its leaves in autumn, otherwise it may grow very rapidly the next spring, making pruning far more difficult.

If a privet is old and neglected, it can be pruned drastically to rejuvenate it. If necessary it can be cut down to approximately 25 cm.

If a variegated privet starts to develop plain green leaves, these branches can be removed completely. However, you should not cut down the entire shrub. Although the plain green varieties are not usually bothered by such drastic pruning, this may cause a variegated privet to lose its colourful characteristics completely and only produce green leaves from then onwards.

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