Mix & Match: Walk of Fame

Mix & Match: Walk of Fame

Flowers: summer and autumn – Position: sun/light shade

Summer Film Stars, right into autumn!

The Mix & Match ‘Walk of Fame’ is the absolute star of the summer! The exceptionally white flowers on the Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile) are blindingly gorgeous mixed with purple vervain (Verbena). The fresh white flowers on the Agapanthus make the purple verbena spring into view. All very spectacular grouped in the border or in amongst other perennials in the garden.

Graceful garden plants for on the patio too!

The elegant agapanthus with verbena is wonderfully colourful and graceful in a pretty planter on the patio too. Try these garden plants together in an attractive grey planter perhaps. The unusual colour combination of purple and white in the big pot will only look ever more gracious.

How many plants, where and when?

Mix & Match ‘Walk of Fame’ consists of a nice pack containing 8 garden plants:
3x Agapanthus africanus ‘Albus’
5x Verbena bonariensis P7.

These garden plants will easily fill up to 0.5 m² and are suitable for a large planter or to fill a small border. Order more packs if you need to fill a large border. These garden plants will thrive and flower most in a nice sunny spot. They do need nutritious soil and will thank you with even more flowers if you feed them from time to time,

These perennials will flower from May, well into October.


Mix & Match ‘Walk of Fame’ makes a great addition to a butterfly garden too. Agapanthus and Verbena attract lots of butterflies and bees to your garden. Pick a few flowers for a bouquet indoors now and then so you can really enjoy these exceptional stars.

List of plants supplied
3x Agapanthus africanus ‘Albus
5x Verbena bonariensis P7