Totaal Gazon Grass Seed

Totaal Gazon Grass Seed

Grass seed with fertiliser coating!
This unique grass seed mix has a special ¡Seed® fertiliser coating. Suitable for sowing, repair, recovery and overseeding. Bakker 'Totaal Gazon' is seeding and fertilizing at the same time! With a faster growth, high drought tolerance and less risk of weeds. Content 750 grams, sufficient for 30-40 M2.
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Totaal Gazon Grass Seed - Seed

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Estimated delivery time : 4-6 Working Days

Guarantee: 2 years guarantee
Green stayer: Yes
Leafs all year: Yes
Hardy plants: Yes
Self polinating: No
Edible: No
Grafted: No

Creating a new lawn takes time. Preparation is important, ideally, for sowing a lawn in April, preparation needs to be started in winter. By the time you get round to sowing all preparations will then be completed.
The preparation consists of the following:

  • Consider the size and location of the lawn. Preferably not in shade!
  • Prepare the location for your lawn ready for seeding.
  • In winter, dig in some organic (stable) manure.
  • If necessary, clay soil can be improved by mixing in some sand or peat.
  • Level the soil with a rake.
  • Use a garden roller to level the surface.
  • Spray this area a number of times.
  • If subsidence occurs, you should repeat the last 3 steps.
  • Remove all weeds that appear.

Sowing grass seed

From April, or when the temperatures are consistently above 10° C and the soil is warm you can start sowing. In practice, the most suitable time for grass seed to germinate is late spring or early autumn. (Cool night temperatures delay germination).
This grass seed is supplied with a coating of fertilisers and will therefore be easier for sowing. Sowing takes place as follows:
Sowing method

  • Divide the bag with coated seed into 4 equal amounts. Also divide the area into 4 equal sections. If necessary, you could use sticks with tensioned ropes. (You can also choose to divide the seed and site into 8 ...).
  • Take one amount of seed (one amount of the four) in your hand and use your other hand to scatter the seed over one of the marked out sections. Make sure the seed is spread out evenly, also around the border, and that it only ends up on the marked off section. Do the same with the other 3 (or 7) amounts of seed on the other marked off sections.
  • Using a rake, lightly rake over the sown area.
  • Press the seed into the soil by carefully walking over it or use a rolling device (not the concrete roller used earlier, this is too heavy). Do not walk over the area again after this.
  • Sprinkle the area with water.
  • Sprinkle your new lawn every 3 days and see it slowly turning green!
  • Once the majority of the grass is longer than 5 cm, you will be able to mow for the first time.

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