Strawberries ’Treasure F1' red

Fragaria x ananassa ’Treasure F1'

Strawberries ’Treasure F1' red

Fragaria x ananassa ’Treasure F1'
Start your own fruit garden
Strawberries 'Treasure' Mix F1 hybrid look terrific in hanging baskets, in planters or in the garden. You will have a rich harvest even in the first year with the white, pink and red flowers bringing you deliciously sweet and fragrant fruit. Enjoy a summer full of strawberries!
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This product is currently unavailable

This product is currently unavailable

Latin name: Fragaria x ananassa ’Treasure F1'
Guarantee: 1 year growth and flowering guarantee
Color: Red
Preferred location: Sun, Half shadow
Green stayer: No
Leafs all year: No
Hardy plants: Yes
Self polinating: Yes
Edible: Yes
Scented: Not Scented
Grafted: No
Cutting flowers: No
Harvesting: July - November

Strawberry seed requires no previous treatment and these seeds are therefore ready-to-use.

How to Sow

In the garden: March - May.
Indoors: mid-January - February.

There are two ways to sow strawberries:

  1. In the garden, preferably in a sunny spot, from the beginning of March through to the end of May. Loosen the soil with a fork to a depth of at least 30 cm deep and draw a furrow 1 cm deep. Lable the row and mix the seed with some sharp sand. Sow between thumb and forefinger then cover with 0.5 cm soil. Press carefully down and sprinkle with water. Plant extra rows 45 cm apart.
  2. Indoor sowing can start mid January using an indoor propagator on the windowsill (fastest) or a cold frame/greenhouse. Use good, fine, seeding compost - a potting tray is also useful. Mix the seed with fine dry sand and sow evenly over the soil. Cover with a thin layer (max. 0.5 cm) press lightly down and sprinkle with water. Cover with lid or sheet of glass and remove this as soon as the seed germinates.
The seed will germinate within 14-21 days and the seedlings can be transplanted in 4 to 6 weeks at 30 cm intervals in rows 45 cm apart..


Water extra during dry periods and keep the bed free of weeds.

Fragaria x ananassa 'Treasure' Mix F1 hybrid will thrive in the garden. Improve poor soil with a mix of Bakker's strawberry fertiliser. Plant at 45 cm intervals and water immediately after planting. Fragaria x ananassa 'Treasure' Mix F1 hybrid will thrive in a humus-rich and fertile soil that is not to dry but also definitely not too wet, especially in the winter.

Fragaria x ananassa 'Treasure' Mix F1 hybrid will also do well in pots or window-boxes. Strawberries are usually hardy but those in pots are best stored cool and frost-free over the winter.


Harvest from July to November.

Strawberries are tastiest ripened on the plant - do pick regularly - this variety is ready from July.

Pick by the crown, removing this before eating. Use scissors or a sharp knife to harvest.

If you don't harvest your strawberries, the birds will! If you want your strawberries all to yourself, protect them with a net and keep the birds at bay.


After the first flowering, the plants will form suckers - tendrils which root themselves and form new plants. This covers the ground rather well.

The strawberry is one of the more popular fruits, especially among children. This delicious Fragaria x ananassa 'Treasure' Mix F1 hybrid makes big, strong and sturdy fruits with a really good flavour. This mix is remarkable with the different flower colours and you will enjoy a rich harvest in year one from the white, pink and red flowers of this strawberry!

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