Staghorn fern Platycerium bifurcatum

Platycerium bifurcatum

Staghorn fern Platycerium bifurcatum

Platycerium bifurcatum
Healthy jungle
A true jungle plant. The staghorn fern turns your living room into a tropical paradise! The healthy fern also purifies the air. The fern is easy to care for. Always keep the potting soil moist, without letting the plant stand in water. Spray the leaves occasionally. That way, they won't dry out. Place the plant in full or partial shade.
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Staghorn fern Platycerium bifurcatum - Plant

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Estimated delivery time : 4-6 Working Days

Latin name: Platycerium bifurcatum
Delivery type: Delivered as plant in nursery pot
Guarantee: 100% growth and flowering guarantee
Color: Green
Preferred location: Sun, Half shadow
Green stayer: Yes
Leafs all year: Yes
Hardy plants: No
Self polinating: No
Edible: No
Scented: Not Scented
Grafted: No
Cutting flowers: No
Growing Height: 30 - 45 cm

Supplied in a standard nursery pot. You can repot the plant into a larger planter using humus-rich potting compost. Or stand the pot as it is in an attractive planter. If you leave it in its growing pot, place it on a saucer. Water is allowed to remain temporarily in the saucer and only water again after it has evaporated or been absorbed. Keep the soil moist.
Choose a warm place for your stag horn (Platycerium bifurcatum), light but sheltered from direct sunlight and preferably not below 15 degrees Celsius. The plant will require less water in cooler surroundings.


The stag horn (Platycerium bifurcatum) is a plant native to tropical forests and therefore does not like direct sunlight! This beautiful plant prefers moist air, do not let the soil dry out and water at least once a week - water on the potting soil not on the fronds as the leaves have a wax layer on the surface.  
This plant does not like too strong a fertiliser, so we recommend halving the dosage suggested on the packaging of fertiliser for green plants.
Water less in the winter, keeping the soil slightly drier. Wait until spring to resume watering and feeding.


Stag horn (Platycerium bifurcatum) is a variety that is found in all tropical forests of the world. In nature they grow on tree branches and rocks in a humid environment (epiphytic).There are two types of this plant, the more well-known one has antler-shaped leaves, the other type develops around its trunk or pot where it grows.
The stag horn (Platycerium bifurcatum) is a member of the Polypodiaceae family (Polypodiaceae).

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