Sowing and growing set Chilli pepper Capsicum 'Powerful Pepper' - Organic


Sowing and growing set Chilli pepper Capsicum 'Powerful Pepper' - Organic

Powerful Pepper
Growing your own organic chilli peppers (Capsicum) is now child's play with the 'Powerful Pepper' sowing and growing set! The peppers get their sharp flavour from the active component capsaicin that is present mainly in the seeds but also in the flesh. These peppers are spicy and flavoursome. As well as being sharp on the tongue, they also have a delicious aroma. You can harvest after just 12 weeks or so. Then you get to enjoy the taste of home-grown peppers!
Open the recyclable pouch and scatter the sachet of 'balanced food' inside. Pour in around 400 ml water, work the soil lightly with your fingers to loosen it, sow the seeds evenly and cover them lightly with the nutritious coconut coir potting soil. Place the pouch of sown seeds in a spot where they will get good light but not direct sunlight.
With the varied Bag-to-Nature range from Seedforfood, plants grow in a compact pouch made from recyclable HDPE, right there on your counter or balcony. All they need is some water and a bit of tender loving care.
Each pack contains organic seed, feed granules, compressed coconut coir potting soil in tablet form — and clear instructions, of course. Bag-to-Nature is a no-nonsense organic way of growing vegetables and herbs at home. And it's healthy and fun too. No green fingers needed and you keep your hands clean!
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Sowing and growing set Chilli pepper Capsicum 'Powerful Pepper' - Organic
Sowing and growing set Chilli pepper Capsicum 'Powerful Pepper' - Organic
Sowing and growing set Chilli pepper Capsicum 'Powerful Pepper' - Organic
Sowing and growing set Chilli pepper Capsicum 'Powerful Pepper' - Organic
Sowing and growing set Chilli pepper Capsicum 'Powerful Pepper' - Organic
Latin name: Capsicum
Guarantee: 1 year growth and flowering guarantee
Green stayer: No
Leafs all year: No
Hardy plants: No
Self polinating: No
Edible: Yes
Naturalizing: No
Scented: Not Scented
Grafted: No
Cutting flowers: No
Harvesting: July - November

Chilli Pepper seeds require no prior treatment although steeping them in lukewarm water for 12 hours will encourage germination.

How to Sow

Sow indoors - March-April

Chili peppers are heat lovers that can be sown in an indoor propagator in small pots or a simple seed tray from the start of March. Mix it up a little and use different methods. A bit of heat beneath the propagator would be perfect too. Sow one seed per pot to 0.5cm and cover with potting compost. Stand it in a sunny window-sill.

Germination will take about 10 days depending on temperature. Lower humidity by opening the slides on the propagator (or pricking holes in the plastic foil if just using that over bamboo prickers).

Once the seedlings have grown to 10 cm, lift the lid entirely for one hour longer every day until after 5 days they are acclimatised to normal humidity and can be potted up.


The plants can go outdoors once all chance of frost is over and night temperatures are above 12 degrees centigrade. Chili plants do require hardening off before permanently being outdoors. To do this, stand them an hour longer every day in a sheltered spot outdoors. After a week they will be ready and can be potted up into a larger planter.

A large pot can easily hold three plants. Stand them in full sun and out of the wind either in the pot or in the ground. Chili plants should be in rows 35 cm apart. Snip off the first flower buds and the plant will grow sturdier branches to support the fruits. Remove side shoots too - the plants need all the energy they can get to grow the top shoots and form flowers.

Chili plants will pollinate themselves with the help of (bumble) bees so fruiting should not be a problem. The will appreciate the same fertiliser as used on other patio and flowering plants.

Chili plants will grow taller in the greenhouse and will definitely require support there. Canes are handy but garden twine from the plant to the roof works well too.


Harvest from August-October (from June in a greenhouse).

When the peppers are fully grown, they will develop a sort of sheen which is the start of the colouring and ripening process. They can now be harvested to stimulate further fruiting. Simply cut the fruit off the plant with a sharp knife. Left to hang on the plant, they will turn the colour they are supposed to.


Chili peppers really do best in the greenhouse although it is not impossible to grow them outdoors. Do choose the warmest and most sheltered spot to grow them.

Chili and paprika are biologically the same - bred from the same mother plant. They are full of vitamins but even more important is Capsaicin which is what gives the heat. The more Capsaicin, the hotter the pepper! Paprikas do not have it - they are sweet when ripe.


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