Shallot 'Red Sun' - Bulb

Allium - ascalonicum - 'Red Sun'®

Shallot 'Red Sun' - Bulb

Allium - ascalonicum - 'Red Sun'®
An indispensable flavour. That also comes fresh from your own soil! The red shallot 'Red Sun' (Allium ascalonicum) is a little spicier and more aromatic than the yellow shallot. With its long shelf life and high yield, the 'Red Sun' is a must-have in your garden. The shallot also grows well in a pot on a balcony. Plant the shallots in the spring. You can start harvesting from the summer.
Space the bulbs out when planting. The distance between plants is three times the width of the bulb. Plant the bulb the depth of three times the bulb's height. Shallots grow best in full sun. The soil should be kept slightly damp. It's best to give them extra water during dry periods.
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Shallot 'Red Sun' - Bulb

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Latin name: Allium - ascalonicum - 'Red Sun'®
Preferred location: Sun, Half shadow
Leafs all year: No
Hardy plants: No
Self polinating: No
Edible: Yes
Grafted: No
Onion sets are immature onions that are harvested at an early growth stage. When replanted in spring, they develop into fully mature onions by the end of the summer. Onion sets can be planted from early spring to late spring, preferably in rows at a distance of 8 cm, with 35-40 cm between each row. Plant the onions just below the surface. If the weather is wet it is best to leave until later. Shallots grow best under complete sunshine.
Shallots are easy-to-grow vegetables. Mix some garden fertilizer into the ground preferably in the winter about 50 grams per square metre. Sprinkle 40 grams of potassium per square meter. Make sure that after planting you keep the area free from weeds. Provide extra water during dry periods so that the onions develop well. In very wet summers, you can harvest a few weeks earlier.

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