Radish mix

Raphanus sativus subsp. sativus

Radish mix

Raphanus sativus subsp. sativus
Nothing’s fresher than homegrown vegetables
Mix of radishes in four different colours: red, white, yellow and red-white. Tasty salad ingredient. Also makes a good snack for adults and children alike.

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Radish mix
Radish mix
Color: Mix
Edible: Yes
Cutting flowers: No
Grafted: No
Green stayer: No
Guarantee: 1 year growth and flowering guarantee
Hardy plants: No
Harvesting: April - September
Latin name: Raphanus sativus subsp. sativus
Leafs all year: No
Preferred location: Sun, Half shadow
Naturalizing: No
Scented: Not Scented
Self polinating: No

Radish seed needs no prior treatment and is ready to use. Try and plant a new row every 2 or 3 weeks then you will always have fresh radishes to hand.

How to Sow

In the garden, March through August.
Indoors, January-March.

There are 2 ways of sowing your seeds:

  1. Sowing in the garden, preferably choose a sunny spot, March through to August (from February if using a cold frame). It's a good idea to sow (half) a row every couple of weeks to give you a harvest almost throughout the year. Loosen the soil with a fork to at least 30 cm. Draw a furrow 1 cm deep and label the row. Lay the seed tape and cut off at the correct length. Cover with 0.5 cm soil, press carefully down and sprinkle with water. Extra rows, 20 cm apart.
  2. Sow in the cold-frame from mid-January into good seeding compost. Mix the seed with dry sand and sow evenly over the soil. Cover to a max. of 0.5 cm soil. Press lightly down and sprinkle with water.
The seeds will germinate in 6-14 days and after 2-3 weeks the seedlings can be thinned out to give each seedling 2 cm space - they will not transplant well so the thinner they are sown, the better.


Does not require additional fertiliser to improve the quality of your radishes. Water extra in periods of drought and keep the bed free of weeds. This will promote good healthy growth.


Harvest from April-September.

Always harvest the biggest radishes, allowing the smaller ones to keep growing. Carefully pull up individuals, or use a small trowel to loosen the soil around each one. Radishes are ready to pick early in the season.


These radishes grow lovely globes in various colours. Colours vary depending on variety and range from purple through pink to white and even yellow.

There are early radishes and late radishes - earlies are the most popular and these are earlies.


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