Pireco Vitaal Leaf Insects - Organic 24 capsules

Pireco Vitaal Leaf Insects - Organic 24 capsules

Deter leaf insects
100% organic and environmentally friendly. That's Pireco Vitaal Leaf Insects! Deter chewing and sucking leaf insects with Vitaal Leaf Insects Deter insects such as aphids, scale insects, mealy bugs, white flies and mites while supporting healthy growth. The capsules are made from natural herb extracts. Safe for people and pets! Suitable for ornamental gardens, vegetable gardens and outdoor potted plants.
Dig a 5-10 cm deep hole in the ground next to the roots of the plant. Insert one capsule. Then pour water into the hole and fill with soil. Use one capsule for every five litres of pot content.
We're working towards a green future with Pireco. 100% organic, environmentally friendly and developed from organic, herbal extracts. It restores nature and keeps it in balance. The plant becomes more resistant and defends itself against diseases and pests. For a thriving, healthy plant. Together we can make the world a bit greener.
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This 100% natural product is a biostimulant. Biostimulants ensure healthy, disease resistant plants and the plants are indirectly protected from stress, pests and diseases.


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