Pireco Vitaal Grass Insects - Organic 500 ml

Pireco Vitaal Grass Insects - Organic 500 ml

Deter grass insects
A lush and healthy lawn. Pireco Vitaal Grass Insects helps make the grass more resistant to pest damage! 100% organic and environmentally friendly. Use the liquid to prevent chewing soil insects, such as larvae and grubs, and support healthy growth. The liquid is made using natural herb extracts. Safe for people and pets!
To cover a surface area of 25 m², mix 200 ml Pireco Vitaal Grass Insects with 10 litres of water. Spray the solution over the grass until it is dripping wet. Repeat this process every four weeks. After treatment, water the grass. Do not use the product in bright sunlight and in temperatures above 25 degrees.
We're working towards a green future with Pireco. 100% organic, environmentally friendly and developed from organic, herbal extracts. It restores nature and keeps it in balance. The plant becomes more resistant and defends itself against diseases and pests. For a thriving, healthy plant. Together we can make the world a bit greener.
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Pireco Vitaal Grass Insects - Organic 500 ml

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This 100% natural, plant-based product is a biostimulant. Biostimulants make plants healthier and more resilient. This protects plants indirectly from stress, disease and infestation.


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