Monstera 'Monkey Leaf' - Plant

Monstera - obliqua - 'Monkey Leaf'

Monstera 'Monkey Leaf' - Plant

Monstera - obliqua - 'Monkey Leaf'
What an attention-seeker! With its holes in its leaves and easy maintenance, the 'Monkey Leaf' is an ideal houseplant. The Swiss cheese plant has large, striking leaves. As a bonus, the plant also purifies the air. Also nice for the office! This plant requires high humidity levels. Always keep the soil moist, without letting the plant stand in water. Spray the leaves at least once per week. This prevents the leaf edges from drying out. The Monstera is truly a shade plant, so don't put it in the sun.
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Monstera 'Monkey Leaf' - Plant

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Estimated delivery time : 5-12 Working Days

Latin name: Monstera - obliqua - 'Monkey Leaf'
Delivery type: Delivered as plant in nursery pot
Guarantee: 100% growth and flowering guarantee
Color: Green
Preferred location: Half shadow, Shadow
Green stayer: No
Leafs all year: No
Hardy plants: No
Self polinating: No
Edible: No
Scented: Not Scented
Grafted: No
Cutting flowers: No
Growing Height: 50 - 100 cm
You have several options upon receiving this plant:
Layer the base of a pretty planter with some hydro-pellets. Preferably one with holes in the base. Stand your Monstera obliqua in its nursery pot inside this and water immediately.
Or, remove the plant from its nursery pot and plant it in a pretty planter with holes in the base. Cover those holes with a layer of hydro-pellets then add some fresh potting compost. Plant your Monstera obliqua at the right depth and then fill the pot with more potting compost. Press firmly in and water generously right away.
Or, just stand this plant in its nursery pot on a plant pot saucer and water immediately. Never leave the plant standing in excess drainage for longer than 24 hours.
However you do it, give the plant a nice light spot in your home, avoiding the midday sun. Morning or evening sun shouldn't be a problem. The sun may make the stem of your plant, and leaf stems turn golden. Under no circumstance should you allow your Monstera obliqua to dry out. Standard potting compost is perfect for planting or potting up.
Monstera obliqua is a real jungle plant so definitely does not like to be in direct sunlight! This plant likes it nice and humid. Spray the leaves regularly with rain water to keep the foliage looking its best. A too dry atmosphere can cause brown, dried edges on the leaves.

The more warm and humid the ambient air, the bigger the leaves will grow!

Water this plant regularly – twice a week in the summer and once a week in the winter – and feed it with plant food for house plants fortnightly over the growing period.
Monstera obliqua needs a nice warm spot (never below 15 degrees C) and always out of direct sunlight, so no sun on the plant at all.

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