Mica Artificial Dracaena

Mica Artificial Dracaena

This Mica Decorations Dracaena requires no care or maintenance. A Dracaena is a rather tropical looking, tough plant, with sturdy stems and firm leaves. The Dracaena always deserves a nice prominent position in any home. This 110 cm high Dracaena shows all the different stages of growth. All leaves, big or small, show pretty, pale green markings – just like the real thing. A tall plant can be used to create a lively scene as well as adding height and depth to a room. The size of this plant defines the whole composition. This Dracaena is firmly anchored in a black plastic plant pot – the perfect base for standing it in a pretty planter. This plant is a real asset, wherever you stand it. Your Dracaena is totally ready for use. Get some green energy in your home with Mica artificial plants!
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Mica Artificial Dracaena

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