LotusGrill Smoke Free BBQ yellow

LotusGrill Smoke Free BBQ yellow

Enjoy a Barbecue?
If you like barbecuing then this LotusGrill is definitely a must. With this BBQ you can set up almost anywhere – on your patio, decking or even take it on holiday with you when you go camping.
This smokeless BBQ has a modern look and can be set up and ready to go in minutes. It is equipped with a handy temperature gauge. When it comes to cleaning, well that is a thing of the past as the grill and the internal dish can be safely washed in the dishwasher. The hand carrier that is also supplied makes it so easy to carry around. Treat yourself and look forward to those pleasant delights that can be cooked on this great BBQ.
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LotusGrill Smoke Free BBQ yellow
LotusGrill Smoke Free BBQ yellow
Guarantee: 2 years
Color: Yellow

The LotusGrill has a patent on its system of air circulation. The integrated vent is battery operated – it works like a bellows. Charcoal is lit using special firelighter paste and this makes the bbq quickly ready for use. The on/off switch also works as variable temperature control.

Adding more air to the charcoal makes it burn better. Cold air comes through the lower air slots and is guided along to the charcoal reservoir.

Both grill and internal dish are dishwasher friendly. The long slots on the outer dish ensure that the space between outer and inner dish is ventilated with cold air and the hot air escapes through the slots in the inner dish. This keeps the outer dish cool – it does not get hot.

The LotusGrill Smokeless Charcoal Barbecue comes with a handy carrier so is easily taken with you anywhere.

Greatest advantage to this hypermodern barbeque is that it is smokeless! Cooking fat does not drip onto the charcoal = no smoke! This bbq is therefore just what you need for bbq’ing on your balcony (for instance). This is of course not permitted with a normal bbq because of the bother from smoke. The LotusGrill means you can enjoy all the advantages of a charcoal barbecue, just as often as you like, on your balcony or patio – or indeed at the campsite!

The LotusGrill only requires 200 gr of charcoal meaning a thrifty and healthy meal of grilled meat because no harmful particles will affect the meat at all. The charcoal sits in its holder in the middle of the barbecue and stays there. This bbq can also be safely used on rather unsteady surfaces (like a boat deck).

The LotusGrill was awarded the Golden Innovation award by barbecue magazine Fire & Food in 2012!


  • Charcoal barbecue
  • Smokeless: no fat dripping on the coals = no smoke.
  • Healthy: no harmful particles created
  • Fast: ready to use within three minutes!
  • Easy: Regulate the temperature with a patented air circulation system that works via an electric ventilator
  • Safe: outer dish remains cool
  • Comes with a handy carrier
  • Dim.: 340 x 340 x 234 mm
  • Guarantee: 2 year
  • Weight: 3.7 kg
  • Made in stainless steel, other metal and plastic
  • Drip tray included
  • Remarks: 4x 1.5V AA batteries required (not included)
  • Suitable for (for instance) balcony, patio, campsite and boat


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