Lechuza Balconera Cottage anthracite

Lechuza Balconera Cottage anthracite

With unique watering system
A stylish and sturdy window-box with a Mediterranean look. The BALCONERA is made of strong, weather-resistant plastic with a unique 'Cottage' style wickerwork texture which makes it a unique example of its kind. This lovely finish allows it to fit perfectly with all outdoor patio furniture. The BALCONERA has an inner removable liner that can easily be taken out. The inner liner is already equipped with the LECHUZA soil-watering system. The integrated watering system is a very reliable and convenient way of caring for your plants even on warm summer days. As an extra accessory you could also order the special LECHUZA window-box supports to attach your BALCONERA easily to a railing, wall or fence.

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Lechuza Balconera Cottage anthracite
Lechuza Balconera Cottage anthracite
Lechuza Balconera Cottage anthracite
Lechuza Balconera Cottage anthracite
Lechuza Balconera Cottage anthracite
Lechuza Balconera Cottage anthracite
How we measure

The diameter is measured inclusive of the thickness of the edge of the pot.

Color: Anthracite
Edible: No
Cutting flowers: No
Grafted: No
Green stayer: No
Guarantee: 2 years
Hardy plants: No
Leafs all year: No
Naturalizing: No
Scented: Not Scented
Self polinating: No

The LECHUZA soil-watering system:This unique watering system works with normal potting compost. It makes caring for your plant really easy! Whether you are away for a few days or just do not have time to water your plants: LECHUZA will do it for you. All you have to do is occasionally refill the water reservoir and your plants will have sufficient food and water for optimum growth. Nutrients are slowly given off by the drainage gravel so with a full reservoir your plant can take care of itself. The integrated water meter gives a precise indication of when the water reservoir requires filling again.

Planting instructions

1. Place the LECHUZA soil-watering set (bottom divider, water filling tube and water meter) in the planter and add the LECHUZA-PON drainage gravel at about the thickness of a finger on top of the bottom divider.2. Add potting compost to the planter, add the plant(s) of your choice and fill up with potting compost, pressing firmly down.3. For the first three months, water the plants via the potting compost, after which time your plants will take care of themselves.After 3 months your plant's roots will be sufficiently developed to collect water from the reservoir themselves. Now fill the reservoir with water and thereafter, only refill it when the water meter shows 'min' position.


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