Ground Cover, 3 Varieties

Iberis+ Saponaria+ Campanula

Ground Cover, 3 Varieties

Iberis+ Saponaria+ Campanula
Iberis (Iberis sempervirens), soapwort (Saponaria ocymoides) and the campanula (Campanula portenschlagiana) are excellent ground cover plants. Iberis is rich flowering and has beautiful white flowers. Soapwort is a well known ground cover plant. This plant flowers with innumerable fragrant pink flowers. Campanula grows in a short time into a cushion with many, beautiful purple flowers.
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This product is currently unavailable

This product is currently unavailable

Latin name: Iberis+ Saponaria+ Campanula
Delivery type: Delivered as plant in nursery pot
Guarantee: 6 months growth and flowering guarantee
Color: Mixed Colours
Preferred location: Sun, Half shadow
Green stayer: No
Leafs all year: No
Hardy plants: Yes
Self polinating: No
Edible: No
Scented: Not Scented
Grafted: No
Cutting flowers: No
Flowering: April - August
Growing Height: 10 - 20 cm
Planting distance: 30 - 40 cm

Iberis, soapwort and campanula, all grow well in the garden. As soon as possible after delivery plant the ground cover plants. Dig a large planting hole and loosen the soil. Improve poor garden soil by adding compost and granulated cow manure. Put the root balls at the correct depth in the hole. The top of the root ball should be slightly below ground level. Fill the hole with soil and press firmly. Water immediately after planting. The ground cover plants grow well in loose, fertile soil in a position in full sun.

Groundcovers as a pot plant

The ground cover plants are also very versatile as potted plants. Choose a large flower pot or patio container with holes in the base. Cover the bottom with potsherds or a small layer of hydro granules. Fill the flower pot with fresh potting compost and place the root ball of the ground cover plants at the right depth. The planting distance is about 15 cm. Fill with soil and press firmly. Water generously after planting. Put the pot in a spot in full sun or partial shade. Cover a porous flower pot on the inside with plastic, or use an inner pot of plastic material. This prevents evaporation and the soil will dry out less quickly.


Water your collection of ground cover plants regularly. During the flowering period add plant food to the irrigation water. Deadhead the faded flowers regularly and this will encourage a second flowering. The flowering will continue throughout the summer. Before winter the stems of the soapwort and campanula will die off above the ground. Cover the plants in the winter with a layer of fallen leaves. In the spring you can cut all the leaves back. The Iberis is evergreen, cut straggly stems in the spring. Soon there will be new shoots above the ground.


You will receive 15 ground cover plants for full sun or partial shade. The perfectly matched collection consists of Iberis (Iberis sempervirens), soapwort (Saponaria ocymoides) and the campanula (Campanula portenschlagiana). These low, creeping plants complement each other perfectly. The shades white, pink and blue are a lovely colour combination.

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