Gazania 'New Day Tiger' mix - Seed

Gazania - rigens - 'New Day Tiger'

Gazania 'New Day Tiger' mix - Seed

Gazania - rigens - 'New Day Tiger'
A lovely perennial with fascinating brown stripes to the flowers - veritable little tigers! ‘New Day Tiger (Gazania rigens) has a cheerful appearance. Characteristic little flowers that close their petals in the evening and at first light, the radiant flowers open again to grace your garden patio/decking. So lovely when planted in groups in a sunny bed or border. They look fabulous in large planters too – there is no prettier!
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Gazania 'New Day Tiger' mix - Seed

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Latin name: Gazania - rigens - 'New Day Tiger'
Guarantee: 100% growth and flowering guarantee
Color: Mixed Colours
Preferred location: Sun, Half shadow
Green stayer: No
Leafs all year: No
Hardy plants: No
Self polinating: No
Edible: No
Scented: Not Scented
Grafted: No
Cutting flowers: Yes
Flowering: May - October
Growing Height: 25 - 30 cm
Gazania seed required no treatment prior to sowing.
Water your Gazania regularly - do not allow the root ball to dry out. Afternoon Gold is fairly drought resistant but it doesn’t like to stand in water for any length of time, but it mustn't dry out entirely. Regular deadheading will encourage new buds to form. Bakker advises regular feeding in the summer when watering for a more profuse flowering. Gazania is bred as an annual.

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