Gardena Smart Sensor Control Set

Gardena Smart Sensor Control Set

Automatic Gardening with a GARDENA Smart System!
The GARDENA smart control set will automatically operate the watering of your garden and ensures flexible watering according to the plants' requirements as well as your wishes. Just easily set the sprinkler times via the GARDENA smart App. Using measurements like temperature, soil humidity and light intensity, from the smart sensor in the garden, you can programme the smart sprinkler system even more precisely to fit actual data and can easily adjust it all via the smart App, from wherever you are in the world.
The GARDENA smart control set consists of:
- 1 smart Gateway
- 1 smart Sensor
- 1 smart Sprinkler system computer
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Gardena Smart Sensor Control Set
Gardena Smart Sensor Control Set
Gardena Smart Sensor Control Set
Guarantee: 2 years

The smart Gateway is wireless connected and can be placed anywhere in the home. Uses standard routers to connect to the Internet. The smart Gateway is the heart of the whole smart system, making it possible to connect all your smart garden appliances via the GARDENA smart App.
The smart Sensor and the smart Sprinkler system computer use 2 or 3 AA 1.5 V alkaline batteries (not supplied).
The smart Control Set is ready to use and can always be extended to work with any GARDENA smart appliances. The set is perfect for automatic sprinkling with the GARDENA Micro0drip or Sprinkler system.


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