Gardena Robot Lawnmower r40li

Gardena Robot Lawnmower r40li

Always a well kept lawn!
The truly innovative GARDENA robotic mower takes care of the lawn all on its own. Will mow lawns of up to 400 m2. A bordering cable keeps the robotic mower within the perimeter laid out. The razor sharp blades on the robotic mower leaves cuttings really small which then act as a natural fertiliser that remains lying on the grass. You can set it to run at various times of the day using the large display on the robotic mower. This noiseless GARDENA robotic mower will return to its charger when it needs charging. Comes complete with charging station, power cable, 150 metres of perimeter cable, 200 cable pegs, 3 spare blades, connectors and connecting pins.
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Gardena Robot Lawnmower r40li
Gardena Robot Lawnmower r40li
Guarantee: 2 years

Enjoy your free time more: The GARDENA robotic mower mows the lawn all on its own and will charge itself in the charging station too. Enjoy a well kept lawn and more leisure hours.
The perfect result, and no need to rake the cuttings up: As the grass is cut from another angle every time, it gains a thick, carpet of turf. The finely cut grass cuttings make a natural lawn fertiliser.
Quiet, no exhaust and energy efficient: The robotic mower R40Li is a whole lot quieter than normal electric, battery or petrol operated mowers and uses very little energy – just 7 kWh / month on a 400 m2 lawn.
Will mow the lawn even when it’s raining: Summer’s are never so bad that a GARDENA robotic mower is unemployed. Specially developed to work all day every day, accurately and unsupervised, whatever the weather.
Anti-theft protection: The alarm and PIN on the anti-theft function give reliable protection from thieves.
Technical specifications:

  • Working area capacity: 400 m2 +/-20%
  • Charging system: automatic
  • Maximum slope percentage in the working area: 25%
  • LCD display for all settings
  • Integrated timer
  • Li-ion battery
  • Charging time: 90 mins
  • Mowing time with 1 charge: 60 mins
  • Energy use: 20 W
  • Blade height: min/max: 20-50 mm
  • Mowing width: 17 cm
  • Noise level: measured: 56 dB(A), guaranteed: 58 dB(A)
  • Sensors: lift, knock
  • Weight: 7.4 Kg


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