GARDENA Comfort wall-mounted hose box incl. hose

GARDENA Comfort wall-mounted hose box incl. hose

Hose retracts automatically!
The Comfort wall-mounted hose box with automatic roll-up makes watering the garden easy and comfortable. The hose is rolled up automatically. The practical hose box is mounted on the wall and swivels through 180°. The hose can be pulled out with little effort and the roll-up automatically retracts it into the box after use. The quality hose provides a high flow of water. The integrated hose guide prevents the hose from twisting or tangling. After use, the connector hose can be attached to the drip stopper to prevent any leftover water from escaping. The wall box is fully equipped with a high quality garden hose, a 2-metre connection hose, a fully adjustable garden nozzle and the required Original System parts.
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GARDENA Comfort wall-mounted hose box incl. hose
GARDENA Comfort wall-mounted hose box incl. hose
Guarantee: 2 years

Flexible in use and easily transported: The practical wall bracket makes it all possible and the hose box can be swiveled 180°. This prevents kinks in the hose while watering and the box can be turned against the wall for a space saving storage. In winter, the hose can easily be removed from the wall bracket for storage in a frost-free place.
Everything within reach: The hose is always at hand and the various connectors when you need them. Because, sprayers, sprinklers and cleaning (waxing) brushes can easily be hung on the wall bracket.
No more bending, no more turning about and no more dirty hands: Your hose is ready to use immediately at the desired location, and the desired length. Give a tug on the hose when you’re done and it will automatically roll up. The integrated hose conductor ensures a neat and safe roll up with no kinks or twisting.
Comes complete so can be used quickly: Comes fully complete consisting of the box, hose, garden spray and the wall bracket. The 2 metre long hose and all connectors are also enclosed. This ensures the possibility of immediate use.
Economic water use: Very practical. After disconnecting the hose from the tap, attach it to the drip and you won’t lose any water after use, or during transport.


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